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Writer’s Building to give way for SEZ

January 9, 2007

KOLKATA: Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya dropped a bombshell today when he announced that the writer’s building will be converted into an SEZ and handed over to private companies for setting up industries.The building which currently hosts the secretariat of West Bengal government, as well as the chief minister’s office is located in BBD Bagh, Kolkata. It occupies 2.8 acres. He said that he has taken this decision to blunt the opposition offensive, who heclaimed, are misleading the public about the intentions of the state government.

A gleaming Mr. Bhattacharya, accompanied by his industries minister Mr. Nirupam Sen addressed the press on tuesday afternoon. Explaining the rationale behind the project, he said that there is an abundance of political space in West Bengal and that small sacrifices are a must for all-round development of the state. Mr. Sen said that Mr. Ratan Tata had shown interest in setting up a plant to make cheap nail-cutters in Kolkata, although nothing has been finalized as yet.

The chief minister refuted the allegations that this move amounts to a complete capitulation of the state in the interests of private players, and asked the reporter who commented thus to be thrown out of the room. He heaped praises over the marxist and patriotic credentials of Mr. Tata and claimed that the factory will employ at least 109 individuals, which is much more than 108 persons who are currently employed by the state government in the secretariat. Mr. Sen produced shared the list of all the affected families with the media. When someone pointed out that the list has names from 1850s, and was prepared by the east india company, a flummoxed Mr. Sen said that he knows better as his office is located in the writers building and cautioned the media against spreading lies. He listed out an attractive rehabilitation package for the affected families.

The chief minister said, “Everyday it breaks my heart when I use the ‘Made in Korea’ nail-cutter. I wonder, are we technologically so incompetent that we can’t make even a trivial instrument in our country? I discussed it with my good friend, Ratan, and he explained me his childhood dream of making cheap nail-cutters which are affordable to the masses. The new nail-cutters will be priced at less than Rs. 2 and will be available in the market in 2012.”

Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee was unavailable for comment.